top-rated executive recruiter in New OrleansI’m Gateway’s President, Gareth Callaway, founder of Gateway in 1998 with a very clear focus on IT inside the insurance industry as I spent the previous 8 years supporting the implementation of policy administration systems for a large Australian insurance software vendor.

Over the years the business focus has changed.

Nowadays, we work right across North American industry. We see how incredibly flawed the candidate selection process is, employee retention rates, employee engagement, all speak to this.

We view the solution as quite simply introducing other candidate selection techniques to the more traditional source/interview/interview/background check/welcome aboard approach. Behavioral surveys, structured interviews, cognitive testing, relationship reports, team building guidance (from an OD perspective) all help.

On a more personal level, I’m married to an entrepreneur. My wife converted her passion in to a business ( and we have 6 kids.

I’m a very keen rugby fan, ex referee (having had the honour of refereeing on the Rugby Canada National Panel for 5 years) and of course, with my name, I have to play golf. I joke that the only time that I think too much is while standing in front of a golf ball. Golfers will understand that joke. If you’re not a golfer, sit in front of your laptop and try to think of nothing, that’s what golfers try to do just before every shot.