About Gateway Staffing

Gateway is my recruiting company.

I opened for business in 1998 when my wife was pregnant with our second child. This September that second child goes off to university, if she can get out of bed in time.

I joke that I’ve been in the recruiting industry for about a million years, some mornings it feels like it but for the most part, thankfully, I’ve been blessed to work at a job that I enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I still would have taken a professional sports contract if somebody had offered it.

Having spent a sizeable part of my career at a software vendor prior to starting Gateway I was well versed in the consultative approach to working with clients and that approach became a cornerstone of the business.

Even today, we build relationships with both clients and candidates. The phone is the go-to tool for communication, not email. Those relationships build and maintain networks that we nurture.

It's that simple.

We use several online tools to support those business objectives but those online tools are not the business objective in of themselves. And all said and done, we’re very good at what we do, we identify and find talented people for exceptional companies.

Gareth Callaway