Great leaders work for market leaders.

We are excited to launch MyGateway, a comprehensive recruitment tool exclusive to our executive search clientele.  Scroll down to find out more about MyGateway, the process and the technology that adds certainty to the recruiting process and dramatically improves time to hire

Executive talent is just that. Talented. In order to compete in the marketplace you recognize the value of your leadership in shaping the strategy and direction of your company.

So do we.  The process boils down to three words:


Much of this effort is upfront when we first start working with you. We get to know as many of the key players in your company and in your market. We get to know the technical environment as well as the pain points that you face in your hiring.


Research is the foundation of the search. However, we typically don’t search for people to fill jobs because by that time, it’s too late. Typically, we identify a talent pool as soon as you start talking to us, even before you ask us to start looking for people.


This is the part that starts when you call us. Having identified a pool of candidates it becomes a relatively painless process to select a short list as we have a manageable talent pool to look at.

MyGateway is an innovative and award winning recruitment portal that allows our clients total transparency in to what we do. We start with rewriting your job description in to a job advertisement that we post for candidates to see. It also ensures that you’re comfortable with our understanding of the requirement.

Once we have identified potential candidates not only do we interview them, we ask them to complete two job surveys for you and invite them to submit a video testimonial. They can edit and add to their submission at any time.

And you can view all submissions at any time. If you need more information, ask us and we’ll encourage the candidate to add to their submission. With the questionnaires that candidates complete for us we can then provide quantifiable metrics on the suitability of each candidate, the “fit” and also give you the facility to compare submissions.

And only when this is done do you start interviewing. But at this point your interviews are not educated guesses by us or you, they’re well researched and interviewed submissions.