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You’re looking for more than a list of skills and experience – you want candidates who will stay and be engaged by the work they’re doing. More than that, you want people who fit your organization’s culture.

MyGateway does the heavy lifting to deliver exactly the kind of candidates you need. Our unique combination of advanced technology and cutting edge methodology is optimised for an unrivalled recruitment experience.

Producing in-depth candidate evaluation and assessment, streamlining the recruitment process, reducing costs, saving time, and significantly increasing new employee retention, we will revolutionize your hiring process.

What MyGateway Gives You:

An interview process that adds certainty

Research proves that structured interviews get higher levels of hiring success and retention. We’re happy to provide you with the framework or you can tell us what works for your company.

Video interviews & candidate behavioural assessments

And you’ll see that structured interview in action when we send you a video of our interviews with the candidates. That hard skills assessment is supported by a behavioral assessment giving you a high level of the candidate’s behavioral traits as well as a variety of suggested interview questions should you wish to interview them.

An industry-leading employee placement and retention guarantee*

We KNOW that this works, and we put our money where our mouth is with an industry leading placement guarantee. Our goal is not to recruit for you but to not recruit for you. When we place somebody with you we never want to see that order again. Strong skills and experience fits supported by a behavioral fit means employee engagement rates are phenomenal.

Meet CEO Gareth Callaway

I have been in recruiting for almost 25 years. After starting in recruitment advertising and software in the early 90s, I transitioned to a recruiting agency. As an agency recruiter, I have learned and grown within the industry, adapting to new technology. I started back when we recruited via newspaper print ads!

Now, with my own professional staffing agency, Gateway Staffing, I have developed a fully collaborative recruiting process using a tool called MyGateway. This collaborative, easy-to-use, and more in-depth recruiting tool and process allows my team to make better matches. 

I’ve spent my career helping clients and candidates make a true match, utilizing the candidate’s skills and the client’s needs in a way which results in a 93% retention rate after 24 months – an almost unheard-of retention rate! 

My passion is helping hiring managers understand how to save thousands of dollars in hiring costs and retain employees longer than the average year or two. 

A great hire SAVES your company money, while a bad hire COSTS you money. Who doesn’t want to have rockstar employees who stay with the company – happy employees increase production and revenue and give your company the team you need to grow and be successful for years to come.

Meet CEO Gareth Callaway

top-rated executive recruiter in New Orleans
Gareth Callaway, Chief Executive Officer

Our Simple 3-Step Process & Retention Guarantee:

Step 1: Requirements Gathering

Beyond the skills and experience, we guide you on how to assess what behavioral traits you’re hiring for, we’ll even give you some suggested behavioral interview questions once we have the parameters defined.

Step 2: Search & Selection

This is where we go to work with the sourcing of candidates and then a full structured video interview that you can see as well as an assessment of the candidates’ behavioral traits so that you can see what they have done, what they are doing AND what they WILL do. All of this is presented in an online portal that you can access at any time so that you can see what we’re doing for you.

Step 3: Over to You

We’re not resume peddlers.  The candidates that we present to you have all been thoroughly screened on a variety of levels and you get to see how the candidates measured up against those criteria. Your interviews will have a level of certainty to them that ensures that you waste as little time as possible interviewing candidates who just weren’t what you thought they were.

Our Retention Guarantee*

We don’t call it a placement guarantee. It’s a retention guarantee because that’s exactly what we’re aiming for and invariably achieving. The technology supports a thoroughly researched, tried and tested recruiting process that ensures that you find the right candidate for the right job, now and in the future.

Why Do You Need MyGateway?

It will save you time

It will save you money

Retention is guaranteed

  • It will save you time
  • It will save you money
  • Retention is guaranteed

A bad hire costs you more than you might think:

Check out the average productivity cost of a bad hire in the industries we service:

Financial | $22,000
Legal | $22,000
Manufacturing | $22,000
Executive Management | $22,000
Middle Management | $22,000
IT | $22,000

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