We don’t talk anymore


With the news that Coca Cola has ditched voicemail at its corporate headquarters at a massive saving of $100,000 but dramatically increased productivity in doing so, I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell is becoming increasingly redundant.

Actually, I think vocal cords are on the way out.

My teenagers are, like, not, like, ummmmm, sorta like, well, ummmmm,

I didn’t hang around for the rest of the sentence, I went to bed for a nap.

And with the demise of, like, talking (ok, I’ll stop), comes the demise of relationships. It’s as true in business as it is in your home life folks, if we’re not talking we’re not relating. I’m not sure that anybody has done any surveys but I’m sure we’re meeting more than we ever have and sometimes it feels like “blah, blah blah”. A lot said, nothing said. Maybe that’s why people now feel the need to check emails while they’re in the meeting.

Companies deal with recruiters such as yours truly, through Procurement and HR, putting up barriers so that by the time I get the specs of the job the requirement is something else. The Sharepoint Developer requirement gets to me along the lines of “I don’t see the point of sharing this developer job but here goes…..”.

Like, huh?

Now that’s productive isn’t it?

Or the email conversation that starts in March and ends in August. Pick up the phone! Condense that conversation into 3 minutes.

Then again, we could always have a meeting to discuss what we can do about it. Or maybe a meeting to run it up the flagpole, or make sure we’re all reading from the same page.

Thinking about the calibre of the spoken word maybe we’re better off without vocal cords. Or phones (unless it has a camera of course). Or voicemail.

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