A LinkedIn Tribute to The Bard

It’s been four hundred years since Shakespeare’s sad demise

My, it’s surprising how quickly time flies

In honour of the passing of the Bard

I thought a written tribute to him wouldn’t be so hard

After all, I’ve written a few LinkedIn essays

That probably couldn’t compete with any of his plays

But it must be said that Measure for Measure

Writing this epistle is not a task of leisure

Now the article may not be quite As You Like It

And I agree wholeheartedly, it’s not quite Hamlet

But let’s not turn this into a Tempest in a teacup

For any harsh criticism you should ease up.

And it’s true that most LinkedIn writing is not King Lear

So from his grave, Billy boy should not fear

But if this ditty is just quite As you Like It

It should in LinkedIn be truly a fit.

We had Henry’s four, five, six and eight

But it’s true for Shakespeare, number 7 did dissipate

And he also wrote Richard the second and third

But from Richard the first, nothing was heard

Now I may be making Much Ado About Nothing

And to William’s defence people will come rushing

And to me King Lear sounds a little naughty

With me you might disagree if you’re a little haughty

You might say his writings were not quite complete

But it would be easy to tell me to please don’t bleat

So I guess All’s Well That Ends Well

Because all of his writing was really quite swell

And if you think there’s any easy rhyme for Coriolanus.

You’re wrong.

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