Stronger Leadership and how it drives better employee engagement, retention and productivity.

As anybody who has ever read one of my blogs, looked at the Gateway website or done business with Gateway will know, the secret sauce is not in recruiting but in not recruiting.

Employee retention is critical for a successful company. I was introduced to Ben Baker at Your Brand Marketing, and he and I spent quite a bit of time discussing this, thankfully we’re both drinking the Kool-Aid.

Ben’s approach is slightly different, but all part of that great big organizational psychology subset. Our challenge at Gateway is finding that piece of the puzzle for the organization, the “fit.”  However, Ben is more focussed on developing more effective leadership, engaging retaining and growing employees, and creating a compelling internal brand story that can be understood, recalled, and retold.

A Gallup survey of 1 million workers back in 2017 found that 75% of employees leave bad managers, not bad organizations.

Bad mangers are the #1 reason for voluntary severance, a lovely euphemism for “quitting.”

So here’s the thing, coach and train your managers to be better managers, and not only do you end up getting better employee retention, but those employees are more productive. Engaged employees are motivated employees and retained employees.

And here are some more statistics, research shows that engaged employees are 20% more productive than unengaged or actively disengaged employees, and they add on average 9% to share value.

Numbers vary on replacement costs but suffice to say; it’s not cheap. Anywhere from $100,000 to 213% of salary for senior roles.

Ben is the developer of the hybrid workshop Developing the Leader in You, author of Powerful Personal Brands: a hands-on guide to understand yours, and hosts a successfully syndicated podcast called the show, now in its third year.  Fast forward to March 25th, and he was gracious enough to invite me on to the show to share my philosophy on recruiting and retention.

Take a look at his coaching offerings. Yes, a shameless plug for a colleague in the industry who can provide a clear road map as to how to navigate, what can only be called extremely turbulent waters, with your management team.

With all the challenges businesses are facing today, Ben is offering 60-minute free zoom consultations.  Book your time with Ben HERE.