7 Links for job seekers

Gareth’s lazy post. Rather than write something myself I thought I’d just tell you to go read somebody else’s stuff.

Need resume help?

Go here. https://www.jobscan.co/blog/top-job-search-experts-to-follow-on-linkedin-for-2020/ I’d save the hours of angst writing a resume and sit down with a resume writer and then tweak whatever they give me but then again, you saw my second word above, “lazy”. 


Their blog is indeed a great resource. https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job Browse or dig in to specific articles. 

How to research a company and why

This was an article on Indeed’s blog but is well worth highlighting specifically. https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/the-complete-guide-to-researching-a-company The great big irony of a job search is that both candidates and hiring mangers very often spend more time doing the research on a new tv than getting a job or an employee. Do your research and be more objective and selective. From a candidate’s perspective, you can afford to be more selective, it’s that economy. This page can help too https://jobstars.com/employer-research-sites/ 

Women in the workplace

Focussed both on the job search as well as in the workplace, this blog focusses on…………blast, I told you already!!! https://www.careercontessa.com/advice/

The job search

https://www.themuse.com/advice. In fairness, everything on The Muse is always good, so why shouldn’t this be?


Not strictly for job seekers but some very insightful articles by industry leaders on leadership. Interesting read. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/careers/leadership/

A bit basic but some real nuggets

You’ve got to dig around a bit and many articles written from the employer’s perspective, but keep looking, some really good stuff if you take the time. https://mylifeiguess.com/category/work/

But don’t forget to get your resume out the door too!