Small Staff can bring Big Problems.

Great. We have 5 developers available for a 10 person project. Now what?”

It happens everywhere. The IT group is just big enough to keep the lights on but when you need to upgrade the light bulb there’s nobody to do it.

We can help you find those light bulb changers.

Of course it’s always a mad panic to find contract resources at short notice isn’t it? Nope.

If we’ve done our job right then we may well have received early word on a potential project or you may have an ongoing need. Either way, we find that our clients don’t seem to feel the pain of short term hiring that many companies suffer.

It’s all about the RESEARCH. We find your pain points and address those issues. A lot of the time we’re looking for those resources way before you need them. Often, the SEARCHneeds to happen ahead of the need in order to make project deadlines. And if the project gets cancelled, that’s fine, it happens everywhere and it’s part of the job for us.  We have a pool of resources to fit your requirements.  We leave the SELECTION part up to you, but take the pain out of it, as we narrow the pool, and your decision can be based on “fit” rather than skill set.

It’s that easy. Call us. It doesn’t have to be difficult.