Tracking Your Job Search – We have a Freebie To Help You.

I have to admit, as a recruiter, nothing drives me more insane than my kids leaving their hats on at meal time.

Oh wait, that’s another rant.

As a recruiter, nothing drives me more insane than candidates who don’t track where they have applied.

This exchange from a few weeks ago.

ME – “great news (candidate name witheld to protect the guilty) we have an interview for you tomorrow if you have time”

CANDIDATE – “Where? Who with? We spoke about them yes?”

ME – “Yes, we spoke yesterday”

CANDIDATE – “Who’s that? What do they do? I don’t remember us speaking”

ME – “We spoke yesterday”

Read my article or just download the tracking tool, skip to the bottom of the article if this is all hitting a little close to home.

Anyway, being a recruiter given to senior’s moments we went ahead, I forgive easily. Said candidate was a lovely interview who didn’t get the job. Maybe just as well.

So this isn’t rocket science, particularly because, well, there are no rockets involved.

Also, bear this in mind. As a candidate you have an obligation to track. The recruiter that presents first always gets first rights to represent but bear in mind that this is how we put food on the table, pay the mortgage, little stuff like that. We don’t give up easily. For that reason, if the second recruiter inadvertently presents your profile, the client will just trash the whole thing.

You could be the best thing since sliced bread but the client won’t get in to it. They have enough problems, recruiting, onboarding, retaining etc etc etc. If you’re a problem now, you’ll be a problem down the road. Deeeeeee-lete.

There are also a whole host of other reasons that they’ll skip you because you haven’t been tracking when and where you allowed your profile to be submitted.

So what’s the answer?

That’s easy, track where your resume went. Track when, track who and make sure you have all of the contact information that you need at your finger tips.

A candidate that I was representing developed this .csv file to help out with his search and then in a true giving spirit made it available online for all and sundry.

You can be all or sundry, you choose.

It’s a free download, it’s a spreadsheet and you can use it. In fact, for your own sake, please do.

And if you did download it, please like, share and comment, spread the good word and make my life easier as well as your own ๐Ÿ™‚

Here it is……..